How do we move diversity forward?

Tokenism: The Result of Diversity Without Inclusion

There’s a mad dash in the professional world to improve diversity. Every high-profile company is working to boost the statistics ...
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D&I Blog 7.25

From Workforce Diversity to Workplace Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion are not synonymous or interchangeable terms. Did you know that you needed to transition your action plan ...
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LinkedIn Blog Post

7 Steps To Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile For Success

LinkedIn is still the go to for professional networking. Whether you are an entrepreneur, professional, or a student who has ...
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D&I Blog Post 7.20

Diversity through Inclusion Strengthens Organizations

A corporate culture is a whole story about how a company wants to operate and work. This is one of ...
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JobSearch Tip:

There are some amazing platforms out here for your job search and much better than the antiquated Virtual Edge or ...
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Sourcing Vs. Recruiting

They’re not as similar as you think. When companies start looking to fill positions, it can be a wild and crazy ...
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8 steps to ensure that your resume lands you the interview you want

A good resume is the first step that opens up a world of hiring possibilities. There are a lot of how-to ...
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Trouble Hiring Diverse Candidates? Workplace Inclusion May Be Your Biggest Problem.

Workplace Inclusion May Be Your Biggest Problem Diversity has come a long way in the past 50 years, and while every ...
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#2016 – Recruiting 2.0 – Conversations not agendas

Accessible Tech startups are thriving in the digital age, with innovation, branding, and talent. What makes these young companies such a ...
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7 Ways To Improve Your #Resume

You Can Thank Us Later… Email: NeGaTive on or The example of a proper email address includes first, last name ...
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