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7 Steps To Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile For Success

LinkedIn is still the go to for professional networking. Whether you are an entrepreneur, professional, or a student who has just graduated, the importance of having a LinkedIn profile cannot be overlooked. However, most people don’t appreciate the effectiveness of a good LinkedIn profile and hence, leave their profile lingering in the vastness of the internet.

It is crucial to keep your LinkedIn profile updated; here are 7 ways of updating your LI profile and giving it a more professional appeal.

1.     Complete Your Profile

A completed profile always stands out. Much like a resume, LinkedIn asks you for your educational background, skills, work experience, profile picture, work position, etc. It is essential that you fill out these details. Additionally, add a profile headline and a summary to describe your professional personality. Always remember to utilize keywords in your entire profile so that it turns up more often in search results.

2.     Proofread

This is a vital point; you should always proofread something which you write, even if it is online. Therefore, remember to proofread your LI profile for any spelling and grammatical mistakes. If you don’t, it can give any potential employer a bad impression. You can even have someone else read your profile and ask them to give you their honest opinion so that you can make the necessary changes.

3.     Never Lie

Lying is never good and in the professional world, it shows the employer that you are untrustworthy and unreliable.  So, don’t embellish anything regarding your education or work history.

4.     Upload a Profile Picture

The absence of a profile picture or worse, a profile picture that’s inappropriate for the work environment can ruin your chances of securing a good offer. It is advisable to upload a quality photo that will show your potential employers that you are serious about connecting with them for the right opportunity.

5.     Don’t Ignore Your Profile Link

When you create a LI profile, you will receive a URL that will be made up of a string of alphanumerical characters. Never leave it like that as it can become difficult for employers to find you. Instead, type a name and keep it professional. You don’t want to use your childhood nickname or your online gaming username.

6.     Stay Active

If you want a great LI profile, engage and have conversations, don’t just connect. Professionals are on LinkedIn to discuss and share their ideas, opinions, tips, etc. regarding a particular industry. As a job seeker, you can greatly benefit by actively engaging and you will be able to build new connections as well.

7.     The Power of LinkedIn Applications

A great way to update and enhance your LI profile is to incorporate the use of LinkedIn applications. For example, if you are a video editor, you can use or SlideShare to embed videos into your profile. This is also a good way to showcase a specific set of skills to potential employers.


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