7 Ways To Improve Your #Resume

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NeGaTive on OnFleek@SillyEmailAddress.com or WeedLegalYay@HighEmailAddress.com

The example of a proper email address includes first, last name and possibly an abbreviation as to what you do. See Below:

Example Email: Janet.DooGooderHR@JobMingler.com

The email address you use for your job search is part of your branding. The name should match the name on your resume as well as the resume file attachment.

File saved in both Docx and PDF: Jane.DoooGooder_HR Resume

2. Address:

This is a simple one.

Open To Relocation? Yes. Then leave it off.
No Desire to Relocate? Then ONLY put City/State.

3. Objectives:

If your resume starts off like this…“Established Professional seeks… With an organization that offers….”, it’s boring and outdated.

Use a Professional Summary Instead.

In a concise, no more than three sentence, paragraph, explain your superpowers, what interest you most and the value you bring.


4. Core Competencies:






You don’t need to list Microsoft Word unless you know you are sending your resume to someone who still uses typewriters, probably fax machines too. LOL!!! BTW, that brings me to…


5. Remove All Gibberish!

Meaning N-E n All Txtng Tlk


6. Experience:

12-15 years or RELEVANT, RECENT experience.

“Seasoned or Mature Professional with 20 years experience…” Have you ever read a job description that requires 20 years experience?


7. Last but not at all least… FLUFF/FILLERS:

Duties included training Production Clerks”. Instead, “Trained Production Clerks” is sufficient.

Avoid the following terms: Team Player, Hardworking, Ambitious, honest.


Didn’t want to think you were a non-team player that is a lazy, lazy, dishonest person, thanks for clearing that up.


Too much to take in? Need Some Assistance?

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