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Fix what's broken

Fix what’s broken

The numbers are in, there is a serious problem with diversity in almost every vertical market in the United States. There is also a serious economic impact of those not included. So your company decided to dedicate a few people to diversifying your workforce. They challenge you to go out and find and hire others that don’t look like our shareholders. It becomes a challenge to fill your pipeline full of diverse candidates. Why? Because you are doing what every other organization who has read the numbers is doing.

Remember the ALS challenge? It was big news, everyone with a bucket of ice on all of Social Media. Now, what? It seems we’ve become so focused on the new buzz “diversity challenge”, we are no longer challenging inclusion policies within organizations. In the push to fill the voids, the vacuums, we’ve forgotten that diversity is not about conforming nor does diversity equate to inclusion.
Too often, companies end up sourcing diverse candidates who languish in an antiquated hiring process never getting through because the hiring decision maker is not on the same page with the diversity initiative. If the candidate does get hired, they are often expected to conform. Meaning, look differently but think and behave to fit our culture. There is nothing innovative or inclusive about that process. Diversity means differences and inclusion mean our ability to include those differences.

Despite the business case for diversity, organizations are still having difficulties when it comes to achieving diversity and inclusion. Here are some steps that can impact your recruiting and retention relationships with candidates.


The Relationship: You had 20 dates last week, so what? It’s not about how often you date, it’s about the quality of the date.

  1. Engagement:

Recruiting today, is building relationships. Your candidates have to trust your brand and your brand to them is your workplace culture. The candidate experience should mirror your consumer experience. For any relationship to succeed, you have to be authentic and transparent. While your organization is looking for the Qualified, Interested and Available, the prospective candidate is looking at the Professional Opportunities, The Culture, and the Work-Life Balance.

  1. Acceptance:

If organizations are authentic in their endeavors to value accept and respect all individuals for their talent and contributions, the relationship will blossom.

  1. Understanding:

There is no longer a war on talent, TALENT HAS WON! Now, your candidates are hiring you, buying into the experience of you. Why should they work for you? This is the time to take a real look at your processes and culture along with motivation behind them. Are they outdated? Are you trying to attract candidates with various diversity markers by doing the same thing with a different name?

  1. Inclusion:

People want to be valued, respected and appreciated. They want to matter, not just be hired to fill metrics.

How are you fostering an inclusive workplace culture within your own organization? If your employer brand is not resonating OUTSIDE of your organization, then it’s time to re-examine the process again. Are you actively engaging and creating an inclusive workplace culture with cultural competency workshops, diversity focused internships, targeted community outreach, candid conversations not agendas all while encouraging the initiatives and input of all your employees?

  1. Employer Brand:

Diversity and Inclusion is more than a blurb on your website, attending/sponsoring a couple of conferences every year, or even dedicating a portion of your Talent Acquisition department to “hire diversity”. It is a part of your brand, in which every department leader is on one accord. Diversity is the summer fling, but inclusion is the marriage, it is the long play.

You will not build your pipeline in a month. The same initiative, motivation, commitment, and enthusiasm your organization places in courting customer through new acquisition or retention is the same mindset needed for success in attracting, recruiting and retaining diverse talent.

In conclusion, if you want to hire more individuals with disabilities, women, Veterans, Blacks, Latinos, LGBT, HIRE THEM! Be authentic if you want to attract them. Be open, listen to, accept and include them. It really is that simple but it starts with a conversation, not an agenda.

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Tonie Snell, Diversity JobMingler

Diversity JobMingler

Diversity JobMingler

Tonie is Founder, Co-CEO and Chief Diversity JobMingler at 360HR. 360HR headquartered in Northeast Ohio is a cloud-based, mission-driven, WBE, MBE, LGBTBE certified, full-service staffing firm dedicated to an equitable workplace. 360HR specializeS in building culturally diverse expert staffing and training solutions throughout the United States.

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